Featured in a Pro-Spotlight article on Houzz

“When designing rooms that flow together, it’s important to create different-feeling spaces through subtle changes in ceiling height, materials and views.” I'm excited about the being featured in a Pro-Spotlight article on Houzz. It captures my belief that good design can transform lives. Click to read the article here, or view my other projects on Houzz by clicking below. Pro Spotlight: Open Up for Instant Connections

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Book Review: The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up

The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo Marie Kondo’s book is now an international best seller and has inspired a backlash but it remains one of the most insightful I’ve read about how the state of our surroundings directly impacts our lives. According to Kondo, who was once a Shinto shrine maiden and has been tidying up since she was a kindergartener, a [read more]

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The drop zone: tame the mess at your front door

People are drawn to modern houses because the clean, uncluttered look can be very calming. Achieving this does not mean putting the kids up for adoption, consigning your spouse to the garage or hiring a full time housekeeper. The solution is to plan a convenient and easy for place for your belongings. One of the biggest clutter magnets is the front door. This is where the debris of everyday life—the mail, backpacks, [read more]

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Q: How do I select a contractor?

A: The best resource for finding a contractor is your architect. We have either worked with contractors that we can recommend or have architect colleagues that have worked with contractors they recommend. If you get three residential architects in a room within minutes we will be talking about contractors. Our client’s happiness depends so much on this that we are constantly swapping information on who is doing great work, who has the [read more]

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Q: How can I keep my project on budget?

A: The following are my Top 10 Cost Control Strategies Start with a reasonable budget. If you a trying to do too much with too little, either quality or your budget will be compromised. Identify what is most important to you. Know what is not. This way if you need to cut back somewhere to meet the budget you know your priorities. Get a contractor involved early during the design process. No one [read more]

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This Mid-Century Modern House: The Ghost

This is the first in a series of articles about the remodel of my own home, a Mid-Century Modern in Seattle. As an architect I advise clients on how to stay sane during the construction process; unfortunately, I did not always follow my own advice. I did learn a lot about the unique issues and opportunities this style of house presents. Curbed, the real estate blog, described the 1954 house in West [read more]

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Furniture, Lighting & Tile

Download my PDF resource guide.  

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