Windemere Keynote: Raze or Remodel?

Shared advice with 500+ brokers on remodeling versus razing. Low housing inventory in the Seattle-area means that many homeowners can't go out and buy their dream home. Instead, they're faced with deciding between razing or remodeling an existing house to create what they desire.   Raze or Remodel? Award-winning Seattle architect, Sheri Olson, FAIA, lists ten key considerations when making this important decision. Low housing inventory in the Seattle-area means that many homeowners can’t [read more]

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Q: How do I select a contractor?

A: The best resource for finding a contractor is your architect. We have either worked with contractors that we can recommend or have architect colleagues that have worked with contractors they recommend. If you get three residential architects in a room within minutes we will be talking about contractors. Our client’s happiness depends so much on this that we are constantly swapping information on who is doing great work, who has the [read more]

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Q: How can I keep my project on budget?

A: The following are my Top 10 Cost Control Strategies Start with a reasonable budget. If you a trying to do too much with too little, either quality or your budget will be compromised. Identify what is most important to you. Know what is not. This way if you need to cut back somewhere to meet the budget you know your priorities. Get a contractor involved early during the design process. No one [read more]

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Q: How can I tell what design trends are worth following?

A: Let’s face it, most trend spotting is just smoke-and-mirrors: “gold” faucets, wallpaper and the color Marsala are all predicted to be hot in 2015. That’s fine if you want to update a powder room (but please skip the gold faucets). For those that have serious remodeling in mind, or want to build a new house, there is a fact-based resource for making decisions that will increase the resale value of your [read more]

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Q: How do I chose the right white paint?

A: My favorite color is white. Benjamin Moore’s Super White 02, to be exact, in washable matte. White can be difficult. It can skew too yellow, pink or grey. The wrong white can look drab, dreary and dirty. Super White is perfectly balanced and works great for new modern houses as well as renovated older homes. It can tie together an interior and let art, books and people be the focal point [read more]

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